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Welcome to House Keeping!

We take care of your home as if it were our own!

Paros professional properties management!

Property-managementAll of us here in the House Keeping we hear and corresponded effectively in your needs.
Our company offers completed solutions for the care of your house. Indicatively certain of the services that we offer are, maintenance, repair of building installations, cleaning of home and the surround environment of the house, painting of buildings and frames, insulation, re-establishment of damage (plumbing, electrical) maintenance and repair of electric appliances (heating, A/C), decoration, renovation, maintenance of swimming-pool, care of gardens, configuration of environment of space, small manufactures, keep your home keys while are away and check your house frequency for any damages, prepare you house before you come over.
Our company undertakes the supervision for manufacture of new buildings with continuous online briefing of householder with regard to the progress of work.
We collaborate with other companies and we can offer you a various services and products, like swimming pool design and build, doors and window frames from PVC and Wood, Aluminium and wood railing systems, automatic systems to control doors and windows, security systems, wood floors, wardrobes and kitchen, electrical devices for you house, heading and cooling systems, web cameras with remote control via Internet.

Also through our Rel estate agent , we can help you to find  your new house or land in Paros.