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Supervision – Maintenance – Management Residential in Paros.

1. Supervised Residential Two visits per month every 15 days. Are executed when the property is empty, all the time and during them out the following tasks:

Ventilation in all areas.
Inspection of the interior and exterior.
Check for humidity and insects.
Check for proper operation of electrical appliances.
Check the condition of the plumbing (open to run taps and cisterns, checked for leaks).
Wiping interior (Verandas, balconies).

Electronic information to the customer regarding all the work during the visit together with photographs.

Leave us a set of keys of the house kept in safe.

Each key corresponds to a code that only we know.

Their use is only to perform the task of supervising residence. In case of emergency communicate directly with you.

2. Monthly Reporting and Recording wear Housing

Written reporting and recording of damage residential and send relevant photos. Additionally we can collect bids for the repair of any damage (if requested by the customer).

3. Renting Transportation Vehicle
We hire transport vehicle for you or your guests to better price and service. Your request should be submitted at least 7 days prior to arrival (high season) or ASAP (off-season).

4. Management & Organizations Eve

Have us organize your stay with the best prices.

  • Tours
  • Boat Rental
  • Wedding, baptism, reception (Hotels, Transportation, church, catering etc).

5. Purchases Purchasing & Delivery prior to guest’s arrival

Send the shopping list via email at least 3-4 days prior to your arrival.

6. Collection, mail forwarding and Bill Payments

We collect and promote your correspondence (promotion with courrier borne by the customer) and bill payment request.

7. Check & Emptying Sump Sewage

We control the pit and emptying when necessary upon request.

8. Cleaning House

Spring Cleaning: We undertake general cleaning for opening your home for the season. Includes disinfection baths, cleaning kitchen (cabinets and drawers), cleaning windows and shutters, remove tissue, dusting, cleaning behind and under furniture, toss cushions, sweeping, mopping, balconies, garbage disposal.

Cleaning Service: We undertake the cleaning of your home. Includes disinfection baths, kitchen cleaning, cleaning windows and shutters, dusting, sweeping, mopping, balconies, garbage disposal. Your request should be submitted at least 7 to 10 days before your arrival.

9. Decontamination, disinfection & Rodent (price: on request)

We disinfection, disinfestation and rodent control (upon request). Suggested period by opening the house for the season and closing respectively.

10. Offers and Supervision (price: on request)

Undertake the collection of tenders and supervision of each work (repair and maintenance) in your residence. Regular updates via phone or email during the work.

11. Rent & Sale Housing

We can rent or sale your house.

Because every home is unique, we offer you the ability to personalize your own package by choosing from the above services.